Stanford Japan Exchange Conference is a student-led initiative with the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies that hosts a 1 week cultural exchange program between Stanford students interested in Japanese culture and 15 visiting Japanese exchange students from Keio, Doshisha, and Kyoto University. This year, becaue of covid, the conference is virtual for three weeks. Our program happens every year roughly in the month of February. With over 60 years of history behind our entirely student-run program, as always, the goal of SJEC is to promote further understanding and friendship between the U.S. and Japan through cultural interaction. Every member of the Stanford community is invited to join us and help make this year and every year a special one for those students who participate in the program!


SJEC originated in 1954 as a two-part exchange program with Keio University in Japan. This was engineered by Professor James Watkins of Stanford through his personal contacts with Keio graduates while working in Nagoya, Japan in the late 1920s. The program originally was named The Keio Committee as part of the Institute of International Relations (IIR), a larger umbrella organization. Even today, the Keio-end of the exchange is still operated under IIR. In 1991, SJEC expanded the program by including students from Doshisha University; in 2009, Kyoto University joined the program.


We are super excited that you will be joining us for our SJEC 2021 Program and look forward to getting to know you. Here are some important documents that you should look over (and fill out if necessary) prior to your arrival on Stanford's campus. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Code of Conduct

Read about your responsibilities as a participant.

Rules Agreement Form

Read and fill out this form to agree that you will follow the code of conduct.

Student Liability Release Form

Read and fill out this form to finalize your status as a participant.


Read about the project you'll do alongside Stanford students.

Programs and Organizations

Here are more cultural exchange opportunities: Japanese Student Union, Bing Overseas Study Program, Cultural Association of Stanford Kyoto, Silicon Valley Keio International Program, Freman Spogli Institute for International Studies


Please join us for some fun events!


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