26 Sep

Welcome to SJEC. We are currently recruiting new officers for our club! If you are interested in becoming an officer, fill out the application from the navigation bar above. We look forward to reading your applications!

22 Jul

We are currently in the process of updating our website to reflect recent changes to our organization. Stay tuned for more information!

11 Nov

Officer recruitment is now over for this school year. If you are still interested in getting involved with SJEC, please keep an eye out for an application to host the exchange students. The application will probably come out in early January 2014.

Participants, please fill out the form on the "Participant Info" link in the top navigation bar. We look forward to meeting you in February!

20 Oct

We are recruiting new officers for SJEC this year!! Please go to the "Application" link in the navigation bar and fill in some information about yourself and your interest in SJEC. We look forward to hearing from you!